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 Text cheque™ for Merchants Text cheque™ for Merchants

Fast fact:
'33 billion sms messages sent across the world in 2002.' - Mobile Data Association (MDA)

  1. Merchant uploads file containing payment amounts, minimum payments (if applicable), due dates and other relevant information onto HiPAAS

  2. HiPAAS sends 'payment due' SMS to user>

  3. User responds to SMS, inserting passcode and payment amount

  4. HiPAAS authenticates user based on mobile number and passcode

  5. HiPAAS logs user's payment information in database (payment amount)

  6. HiPAAS informs user that merchant will debit payment from bank account

  7. End of day: HiPAAS generates file for merchant to present to bank for direct debit of day's transactions from users' bank accounts

  8. Merchant presents file to bank for settlement using normal direct debit process

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