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Fast fact:
'Eight times as many people would use m-commerce compared to the number using e-commerce today.' - MORI research poll

Significant progress has been made to reduce fraud for card-based transactions, and soon, fraud will become history for most PoS transactions with the advent of EMV chip and PIN initiatives. But card transactions are not restricted to Points of Sale – Internet-based transactions along with mail order and telephone order purchases present different challenges. ID checker™ is an application enabling fast and efficient authentication of cardholders for remote transactions. Using SMS and standard mobile handsets, ID checker™ collects a user authentication secret for secure and reliable processing of MOTO/WO purchases.

While banks will guarantee payment for PIN-based transactions, merchants are usually responsible for verifying that customers are authorised to use a payment card for a MOTO/WO transactions. Usually, merchants request the CVV2, CVC or secret code printed on the payment card to ensure that the card is in the possession of the consumer making the purchase. Card associations have introduced voluntary schemes for consumers such as 3D Secure and Secure Code, but availability is not yet wide-spread and user adoption relatively low. ID checker™ is a service that can be offered by card associations, banks and merchants and uses the mobile phone to collect a secret password which, combined with the registered mobile phone number, serve as a tool for authenticating, the customer's identity - beyond any reasonable doubt.

ID checker™ can be used securely because it is using the mobile network which is separate from the website or the landline being used for a telephone order. It is particularly suited for purchases where there are no physical goods being sent to a user's home address or where the delivery address is different from that of the registered card holder. For consumers reticent to use credit cards for card-not-present transactions, the additional level of security that ID checker™ provides can boost user confidence for remote MOTO/WO purchases resulting in increased use of remote purchasing services.

ID checker™ has been designed to keep the user experience simple, requiring on a few seconds for authentication, and serves as an ideal solution to the problems of customer authentication where PIN infrastructure is not possible or in place.

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