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Press Kit
Fast fact:
'The functionality and flexibility of the Upaid platform means that the service can expand in line with [VISA International] CEMEA's strategic roadmap to enable a range of customer friendly solutions for remote payments.'
Hilary Mitchell, VP, New Payment Solutions, Visa International CEMEA. - Press Release, London 13 January 2004

  1. Operator sends alert to HiPAAS indicating user's prepaid balance is low; HiPAAS sends low-balance alert SMS to user through operator's SMSC

  2. User replies to SMS indicating passcode and top-up amount

  3. Operator's SMSC recognises message as a HiPAAS top-up message and forwards request to HIPAAS

  4. HiPAAS authenticates user based on mobile number and passcode

  5. HiPAAS forwards request for authorisation to operator's Acquiring bank to initiate bank's authorisation process

  6. Acquiring bank uses card network to obtain authorisation of payment from user's Issuing bank

  7. Operator's Acquiring bank sends authorisation response to HiPAAS

  8. HiPAAS instructs operator's prepaid billing system to top-up user's account; user receives SMS confirmation of top-up from HiPAAS (via operator's SMSC)

  9. HiPAAS Operator confirms top-up of user's account with HiPAAS

  10. End of day: HiPAAS generates reports for operator & Acquiring bank for settlement of day's transactions

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