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Fast fact:
'33 billion sms messages sent across the world in 2002.' - Mobile Data Association (MDA)

From the ubiquitous to the private label, card associations share a common objective: to increase the use of plastic for payments. Key business objectives include driving volumes of transactions, reducing the costs of customer acquisition and retaining customers through constant innovation. And above all, improving security and minimising the possibilities for fraud.

The giants of the industry have already recognised the potential of mobile phones as a secure channel to authenticate customers for payment services. The early adopters have recognised the benefits for merchants, banks and customers alike. To date, much of the activity around m-payments has focused on the top-up of pre-paid mobile phones and micro-payments such as car parking. All of which brings great benefits to the stakeholders involved, but there is now an even more exciting opportunity for card associations to drive their businesses forward: by enabling mobile payments for a number of applications that truly bring the next generation of pay-on-the-move technology into reality. No new phones required – just clever use of today’s technology and a lot of practical know how.

With Upaid's services and IBM's facilities, card associations can offer a wide range of managed and hosted payment clearing. The applications are infinite – the principle of being able to respond to a payment alert for bills that the customer has registered to receive via SMS is the key to both security and ease of use. The very same technology can also be used as an independent authentication of card holder in the MOTO/WO environment.

As with all Upaid services, card associations are not required to invest capital to access this facility as payment is on a per transaction basis. Whatever the application, there is a reasonable chance that our consultants along with those of IBM can help define a service that delivers the competitive advantages that mobile payment services offer.

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