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Fast fact:
'UK mobile phone users to send 55 million text messages per day in 2004.' - Mobile Data Association (MDA)

Banks have introduced many new applications which allow customers to receive key information about accounts and other financial services on their mobile phones. Until now, there have been few services available to banking customers which provide a secure and easy way to make payments from a bank account or credit card using mobile devices. Upaid's HiPAAS platform enables banks to extend existing mobile services to secure and fast payment by SMS.

By responding to payment due texts from merchants, users can reply with a secret password from the registered mobile phone and pay the bills they have elected to pay by mobile.

Banks can now bring a new and innovative service to their acquiring side's customers which offers the benefits of low-cost payment processing, improved cash flow and hence treasury balance increase not to mention a massive hike in customer satisfaction.

Issuing side customers can access new and exciting new services which increase loyalty and enable banks to differentiate and innovate by delivering to consumers a range of payment services using the mobile. Mobile payment services via SMS are available from anywhere in the world even while roaming abroad in another network.

Upaid and IBM are unique in being able to provide a complete turn-key, end-to-end managed and hosted service, including registration and customer care management for these services. Banks are charged on a per transaction basis resulting in no CAPEX requirement to get up and running.

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