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Fast fact:
'90% of people would be willing to pay extra for the convenience of making m-commerce purchases.' - MORI research poll

HiPAAS m-payment applications are available on an on demand basis as part of the Upaid package offering. All m-payment applications are designed for maximum usability and simplicity. The m-payment services the platform enables for banks, operators and merchants allow end-users to transfer value or credit from any one of their accounts to another using mobile handsets. Applications range from simple prepaid mobile top-up from bank and credit/debit card accounts to payments of monthly bills and purchases.

Offering mobile payments applications that are easy for consumers to use will ensure their success. Services which require users to change neither handsets or mindsets are key to 'train' them to accept their mobile phones as devices they can use to make payments, and also to ensure that they will indeed adopt the services offered.

Upaid works with its customers to create m-payment services that are practical in their design and easy for consumers to use. SMS is a key channel for offering simple m-payments, and the overwhelming popularity and usability of SMS make it a natural channel for early mobile payment applications. Even the most standard of handsets supports SMS, and users are already familiar with SMS technology. The handset becomes a pocket PoS device for making transactions on the go.

Many of m-payment applications that HiPAAS supports are designed to remind consumers on their mobile phones that payments are due, including low-balance alerts for prepaid accounts of any kind, reminders for bill payments and confirmations of payment details. These highly usable applications do not require complicated technology or require substantial effort by users to adopt.

Although SMS is the most usable of consumer 'touch points' for m-payments, the platform features a number of interfaces designed to support other access channels. These include:
  • Web
  • ATM
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

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