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  Reliable voice mail is a necessity for anyone who makes phone calls, whether using a mobile device or traditional wire-line telephony.

Upaid™ VirtualPhone is a flexible, full-feature voice mail system supporting voice mail for both prepaid and postpaid end-users. The application incorporates Voice Mail, IVR and Call Center and features complete business process support for voice mail services. VirtualPhone is a low-cost, software-based voice mail solution and is ideal for new operators and for voice mail services targeting specific market groups, VirualPhone complements other solutions in Upaid's Solution Portfolio. The software is hardware independent and enables service providers to manage the business processes necessary to manage voice mail as business. Upaid™ VirtualPhone also features the ability to market different tariff packages to prepaid subscribers, thus affording telcos the marketing power to diversify service offerings.

In addition to simple voice mail, Upaid™ VirtualPhone also includes the functionality to launch virtual calling card services, enabling end-users to access a "virtual phone," or voice mail box, through a designated telephone number to retrieve messages using a secure PIN and/or password for enhanced confidentiality. Wire-line, mobile and Internet telephony virtual calling services are possible and have proven to be ideal voice mail services for end-users in developing countries where wire-line and wireless penetration rates are low.

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