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Pioneered for easy configuration and rapid deployment of sophisticated mobile services, Upaid's robust TechnoCore is the engine that powers Upaid's multiple software applications.

The Upaid™ TechnoCore is 2G/2.5G-based, engineered for 3G evolution and builds the foundation for next-generation pay-as-you-use services. With the Upaid™ TechnoCore, wireless service providers of any type can choose from the Upaid suite of mobile software solutions to launch value-added services for mobile end-users.

The Upaid™ TechnoCore includes:

Service Authorization
Customer Care Services
Subscription Provisioning
Subscriber Profiling On-line
Database Interface Services
Network Service Configuration
Real-time Balance Management
Oracle, Windows NT, Unix-based
Site Administration & Management
Load Balancing Across Multiple Kernels
Sales Distribution & Supply Management
Subscriber Identification & Authentication
GSM Camel-enabled IN, GSM/GPRS, CDMA
Real-time Rating & Real-time Service Settlement

Upaid™ TechnoCore.pdf (284Kb; 5 pages)