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  Billing and settlement management systems for mobile Internet services must be as cutting-edge as the services themselves in order to ensure ease of delivery for service providers and convenience of use for end-users. Third party multimedia content, mobile entertainment and video streaming services involving multiple service providers not only require collaborative business models among service providers, but also the technology tools necessary to manage these relationships successfully with increased transparency for all parties along the value chain.

Upaid™ MultiMedia is Upaid's solution for billing and settlement management of 3rd party mobile entertainment, multimedia and video streaming services over mobile devices. MultiMedia not only incorporates the flexibile, robust functionality for rating and billing of multiple types of events, but also offers the real-time authorization, rating and settlement management capabilities needed to manage complex value chains involving multiple service providers and multiple networks. Upaid™ MultiMedia's real-time settlement management features make revenue splits easier to track and manage for parties along the value chain - from the network operator, to multiple service providers, all the way down to the end-user.

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