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Enabling easy and convenient real-time recharge of prepaid accounts is a key component of any service portfolio. Upaid™ GateWay is an application that processes credit transactions from financial institutions that are in turn applied to a service provider’s customer accounts. With the Upaid™ GateWay, service providers can build a financial services gateway between banks and mobile operators, utility companies or even merchants to enable top-ups of prepaid accounts of any type directly from end-users’ bank accounts. End-users dispose of numerous avenues for account recharge, including recharge on-line, at ATM machines or over the telephone.

Already a standard in Brazil for recharge of prepaid wireless accounts where it extends to over 80 percent of Brazilian mobile end-users, the software serves as an interface to connect service providers and financial services organizations. Upaid™ GateWay uses secure ISO 8583 Protocol for exchange of account information and real-time processing of account recharge and other transactions. The software interacts between service providers and financial services organizations to process, validate and forward transaction information for real-time recharge and updating of prepaid accounts.

Upaid™ GateWay.pdf (57Kb; 2 pages)