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  Money has never before been easier to manage electronically. Managing money mobile offers end-users even more account management convenience, whether for banking or for communications purposes.

Upaid™ Cash2U is a solution that enables person-to-person cash or credit transfer from one Upaid-enabled account to another. The software enables end-users to top-up mobile account for prepaid voice telephony, to allot credit for specific voice or data transactions or to transfer money from one account to another by simple account management features accessible via wireless devices, on-line or by telephone. Upaid™ Cash2U is particularly convenient for prepaid mobile end-users requiring credit recharge while roaming abroad and for families seeking to manage mobile communications for multiple end-users. End-users can transfer specific amounts of credit from one Upaid-enabled account to another for real-time recharge. Upaid™ Cash2U is also ideal for financial services institutions seeking to offer person-to-person cash transfer alongside other account management services to mobile banking customers.

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