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  On-line gambling has propelled the gambling industry to new heights, bringing end-users the thrill of casino-style gambling direct to their personal computers. Add this to the number of individuals who regularly play the lottery (over 60% of the population in most countries) and these markets represent a huge opportunity for the mobile gambing industry.

Upaid™ Bet&Win; is Upaid's real-time rating and service management solution for mobile lottery and m-Gambling services. Upaid™ Bet&Win; is designed to offer providers of m-Gambling and m-Lottery applications a highly flexible and open software solution for managing interactive gambling services over mobile networks. A rating interface engineered with open interfaces for deployment in any type of environment, Upaid™ Bet&Win; can be deployed as a real-time rating solution in conjunction with the Upaid™ Technocore or with third party systems using APIs. The solution enables real-time authorization, rating, debiting and crediting of mobile lottery and m-Gambling services to Upaid-enabled accounts or associated m-Wallet balances dedicated specifically for m-Lottery and m-Gambling services. Flexible pricing and rating supports rating of services based on a variety of parameters, including number of games, number of games won or lost, allowing real-time updating of end-users' accounts for winnings and losses.

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