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Upaid Creates Unified Development Centre of Excellence

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  London, March 25, 2008 — Online and mobile payments specialist, Upaid, has today announced the formation of its Unified Development Group. The new endeavour brings together the company's existing technical development groups, currently based in the UK, France and Brazil. This new centre of technical operations is centred in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the larger of the Upaid's existing technical support centres.

The Brazil-based Unified Development Group will provide streamlined, efficient and rationalized development operations to customers and business partners worldwide. Account management and customer support operations for Upaid's European, Middle East and Africa business will remain centred in the UK or in-country.

Upaid's Brazilian development group has long been supporting service development and delivery to all major operators and financial institutions in Brazil, including many multinational customers, and is widely regarded as a centre of excellence in its field. Upaid's international customer and partner group will now be able to take advantage of the full depth of Upaid's skills base with the Unified Development Group.

Simon Joyce, Founding Chairman and CEO of Upaid said: "As our market sees accelerating rates of growth it becomes essential to organise ourselves for maximum efficiency and responsiveness to our customers. This consolidation of our entire development group to a single location and under a common management is an important step in that direction".

About Upaid

Upaid Systems, a mobile transactions specialist, enables banks, operators and merchants to deliver easy-to-use mobile payment applications to unbanked consumers such as m-Wallet and micro-finance account management.

By combining marketing consulting with technology, Upaid creates high-value m-commerce services for providers, merchants and banks, typically on an outsourced basis.

The Upaid mobile payment platform is channel independent, diverse in connectivity and specialized in capability. Upaid's services range from payment services for a Parisian retail group to a fully managed Serbian national m-commerce service to a wide-scale mobile recharge implementation throughout Brazil.

Upaid has offices in the US, the UK and Brazil. Upaid is a registered trademark of Upaid Systems, Ltd.

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