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'Eight times as many people would use m-commerce compared to the number using e-commerce today.' - MORI research poll

Mobile content industry divided over future of m-commerce


  • Industry split over who should provide mobile payment offerings
  • M-commerce is inhibited by Premium SMS and reverse billing to mobile phone accounts
  • One in four thinks high value m-commerce will take off this year

London, UK, 23 March 2006: Upaid, the mobile payment specialists, today announced the results of research that offers insights into the future of mobile commerce. It found that the industry is split over whether e-payment providers (such as Paypal) or mobile operators are in the best position to offer consumers payment services for mobile commerce, with 42 per cent of votes for both.

Respondents also felt that the current system of billing to the mobile phone account is the main inhibitor of higher value m-commerce (greater than seven Euros). The findings make X-Pay, the new billing solution offered by mobile operators, only a short term solution for the mobile commerce industry as it is moving towards billing to other payment methods such as debit and credit cards.

Upaid CEO, Ashley Ward, said: "Our snap poll shows that X-Pay may be fine for micro-payments for small items like ring tones but will fail in delivering a robust payment mechanism for higher value digital content and new voucher items such as theatre or travel tickets. What the m-commerce industry needs are operator-independent payment systems that offer choice of payment method to the consumer as well as a reliable pay out for these higher value items to merchants."

Researchers questioned 50 of the 70 attendees at Informa's Mobile Content D2C event in Barcelona last week. The research shows that one in four of these industry insiders expects higher value m-commerce to take off this year, while over half of respondents thought that it is more likely to happen within two years.

About Upaid
Upaid is a leading specialist in mobile payments, offering applications and services which enable the transfer or value or funds from one account to another using the mobile phone. Upaid expertise and experience allows businesses to provide their customers with fast, convenient and intuitive access to a wide-range of mobile payment and information services. Our systems support a user interaction and business logic that is tailored for the unique characteristics of mobile technology. Applications range from the recharge of prepaid accounts to the monthly payment of bills via SMS and second factor authentication using the handset for risk alerts and authorisation for remote purchases. Upaid also provides a platform to support a complete eco-system for mobile commerce. The platform can be used for operator-driven payments system giving users choice in how they pay for content and other digital goods or as an operator-independent billing system.

Upaid has offices in the UK, France and Brazil. Upaid is a registered trademark of Upaid Systems, Ltd.

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