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Fast fact:
'The functionality and flexibility of the Upaid platform means that the service can expand in line with [VISA International] CEMEA's strategic roadmap to enable a range of customer friendly solutions for remote payments.'
Hilary Mitchell, VP, New Payment Solutions, Visa International CEMEA. - Press Release, London 13 January 2004

SMS, prepaid top-up to catalyse m-payments
Source : ePaynews.com

ePaynews logo (03 June 2003)

Successful mobile payment initiatives 'depend on how effectively merchants, financial institutions and operators can [] design m-payment services to meet their differing needs', according to Ashley Ward of solutions firm Upaid. 'If m-payments are made even easier than credit and debit card payments', Ward argues, 'consumers will no doubt happily adopt them as a primary payment mechanism'. In Ward's view, the SMS-based recharge of prepaid phones from a credit or debit card account is 'an ideal starting point' in getting end-users accustomed to using their mobile phones as transaction authorisation devices.

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