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Fast fact:
'HiPAAS is the only on demand mobile payment service on the market'

Upaid’s new service opens door to massive savings on costs of pre-paid top-up for operators

Upaid Upaid launches HiPAAS, a new service for SMS-based top-up of pre-paid mobiles.
3GSM World Congress, CANNES – 18 February 2003 – Stand F1, Hall 2 – Upaid, a leading provider of a mobile payment authentication service to mobile operators, banks and merchants today announced the public launch of a new service at the 3GSM World Congress that is set to slash the cost to operators of running and maintaining their pre-paid top-up schemes.

HiPAAS (Highly Intelligent Payment Authentication and Authorisation Service) is a service that enables mobile operators to provide secure SMS-based top-up to pre-paid subscribers from a bank or credit card account. The service:
  • enables mobile operators to dramatically reduce the costs of managing pre-paid top-up services, increase customer loyalty & retention and encourage prepaid users to adopt post-paid usage patterns;
  • provides a highly secure method of authenticating users to top up their mobile phone accounts, thereby reducing operators' exposure to fraud;
  • offers the most convenient way for users to top-up mobile phone accounts anytime, anywhere via a simple, highly secure PIN-authenticated process.
'HiPAAS represents an excellent way for mobile operators to slash the cost of managing pre-paid top-up while simultaneously boosting customer loyalty and reducing churn. The current voucher-based method that most operators use to offer top-up of pre-paid mobile accounts can cost them anywhere between 10-30% of overall top-up revenue. By plugging into HiPAAS, banks and mobile operators can offer pre-paid top-up services via SMS with money for top-up being directly debited from a user's bank account or credit/debit card, considerably reducing the cost to the operator of running a pre-paid top-up scheme', says Ashley Ward, CEO of Upaid.

Issuing and Acquiring banks, mobile operators and merchants alike can plug into HiPAAS for easy, highly secure connectivity to Upaid's centralised payment processing centres.

About HiPAAS
The demand for universal payment advice and clearing services for the mobile payments market is enormous. Despite several attempts by various groups of mobile operators, banks and merchants to create a mobile payment service, there is still a huge gap between creating a functional payment solution and having a solution that is actually deliverable, usable and available to all. While banks, mobile operators, card associations and merchants all want to participate in the mobile payments market, none of them is in a position to provide the necessary connectivity to build a wide-scale, far-reaching mobile payments community. For a system to be effective it must be able to support anywhere-to-anywhere payments—from any bank to any merchant and across any network. To date, no system or service that all parties can simply plug into has been made available.

Upaid has solved all of these problems by creating HiPAAS (Highly Intelligent Payment Authentication & Authorisation Service). HiPAAS is a complete service offering, powered by Upaid's proprietary payment processing software. Upaid enables multiple parties such as banks, mobile operators and merchants to connect to the company's centralised payment authentication and service delivery centres to allow anywhere-to-anywhere handset-authorised payments.

For further information, please contact :

Nick Giles or Sam Routley
MS&L;/ for Upaid
+44 (0)20 7878 3151 / 3137

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