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Upaid brings to its customers and partners the support and protection of our worldwide intellectual property rights for the deployment of advanced communication services to mobile end-users (US Patent No. 6,320,947, IPP WO 00/16568).

A license of Upaid's Intellectual Property Rights includes the patent protections of 75 separate patent claims with a priority date of 1998 and offers prospective coverage in 46 countries around the world.

Upaid's intellectual property rights are broad in scope and comprehensive in coverage. Four independent method claims and two independent platform claims anchor the 69 additional dependent claims of patents granted to date. These claims protect our partners and our customers against either platforms or business "methods" that offer real-time payment and settlement processing for advanced communications services in competition with Upaid.

Upaid's patents protect against any software-enabled communication platform that is capable of:

  • Providing enhanced communication services via a plurality of networks
  • Pre-authorizing a user's account, whether prepaid or credit-based, to provide communications services, commercial transactions, or account information, and
  • Dynamically rating the charges and processing the settlement data associated with mobiles services delivered in real-time.
Patent Protection for Real time Billing & Payment Settlement.pdf (141Kb; 9 pages)
Upaid Patent 6320947.pdf (2.21Mb; 43 pages)
Upaid Patent No 6381316.pdf (2.26 meg; 42 pages)

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