Upaid Systems is a leading-edge provider of payment and settlement management software for the telecommunications, IP/Internet, banking and financial, utilities and on-line services sectors. Our platform, Upaid, has been designed to meet the payment and settlement processing needs of service providers offering convergent services to their end-users.

The Company is simultaneously launching its platform (Upaid) in 3 of the world’s largest prepaid markets – Latin America, Asia and India. With the formation of regional subsidiaries and Joint Venture companies in these markets, our multi-national management team of experienced professionals is rapidly expanding our global reach.

Our Americas subsidiary, Upaid Americas, recently acquired São Paulo-based FLOW & HMK Informática, a successful systems development and integration company. FLOW & HMK Informática, the Brazilian arm of Upaid Americas, is Brazil’s leading provider of software enabling top-ups of prepaid accounts of any type directly from end-users' bank accounts. FLOW & HMK’s “Gateway” software is already being used by 15 of Brazil’s wireless service providers and by 6 of South America's largest banks.

In addition to our operations in the Americas, Upaid Systems continues to expand its activities in the Indian market through our Joint Venture company with ZIP Telecom, "Xius Technologies."

Upaid Systems has offices in Paris, Bangkok, New Delhi, Hyderabad (India) and São Paulo.

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