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'It is estimated that the mobile games market will be worth over US$11.2bn by 2010.' -, 2006

Survey reveals m-pay split
Source : OSS/BSS Analyst

The results of a survey carried out by Upaid at Informa Telecoms & Medias recent Mobile Content D2C event indicate that the mobile industry is split over whether e-payment providers, such as PayPal, or mobile operators are in the best position to offer consumers payment services for mobile commerce.
Responses were split equally, with each group receiving 42% of the votes. Respondents also felt the current system of billing to the mobile phone account is the main inhibitor of higher-value m-commerce. Upaid CEO Ashley Ward says the findings make X-Pay, the new billing platform offered by mobile operators (Billing Plus, 11 Jul, 2005), look like only a short-term solution for the mobile commerce industry, because it is moving toward billing to other payment methods, such as debit and credit cards. The research shows that one in four of these industry insiders expect higher-value m-commerce to take off this year, while more than half of respondents thought that it is more likely to happen within two years.

OBA comment: With widely used and trusted services, such as PayPal, declaring an interest in m-commerce, it seems any initiatives from the mobile industry itself could be starting from second place if something credible is not launched soon.

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