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One of the major obstacles in enabling advanced wireless transactions is the ability to clear and settle transactions involving revenue splits for multiple service providers along the value-chain.

As channels for service delivery multiply, mobile operators, financial service organizations and content providers may opt for outsourcing the management and delivery of advanced mobile services to outside parties. They may also require specialized services capable of complementing their in-house-managed billing, including number portability and fraud management - services that Carrier Settlement & Clearing Houses are beginning to offer.

Carrier Settlement & Clearing Houses are well positioned to aggregate and process the raw data generated by advanced mobile transactions involving multiple wireless service providers. By offering platform independent, open framework solutions to connect wireless service providers and enable exchange of information and mobile transactions in real-time, data and clearing houses can easily enter the value chain and simplify business relationships among wireless service providers through multi-party, cost-effective real-time settlements.

Upaid's real-time rating and real-time multi-party settlement capabilities are tools that Carrier Settlement & Clearing Houses can use to expand their businesses beyond the delivery of traditional TAP and CIBER records to serving as a hub for data and clearing of value-added services, whether roaming or not.