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The billing systems market is entering a phase of rapid transition. The advent of next-generation services, the exponentially expanding prepaid market and the convergence of the wireless communications and financial services sectors are challenging traditional approaches to billing.

Authorizing & rating services in true real-time and managing credit risk, fraud & complex multi-party value-chains while ensuring settlements for multiple service providers across multiple networks are taking on new importance in this evolving market. New players are emerging in the wireless communications sector that are pushing the limits of traditional business models and revolutionizing the industry and the services available to mobile end-users. In these markets, next-generation billing and settlement management technologies are quickly becoming a critical success factor for all types of wireless service providers as mobile services become more and more sophisticated.

Real-time authorization and rating is the future of billing - all services in this new environment, whether prepaid or postpaid, require the efficient payment & settlement data management capabilities that only real-time systems can offer.

As a pioneer of real-time billing and settlement management software, Upaid is strategically positioned in this new environment with software solutions that provide wireless service providers the tools necessary to manage cutting-edge mobile pay-as-you-use service portfolios.