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'Eight times as many people would use m-commerce compared to the number using e-commerce today.' - MORI research poll

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Q: Who is Upaid?

A: Upaid provides a centralised m-payment processing platform to which banks, mobile operators and merchants can connect to enable mobile payment services for their customers.


Q: What is HiPAAS and what does it stand for?

A: HiPAAS is Upaid's managed mobile payment service. The acronym stands for 'Highly Intelligent Payment Authentication & Authorisation Service' and describes the functions that the platform performs to enable end-to-end processing and delivery of mobile payment services: user authentication and management of payment authorisation for mobile transactions.


Q: What is included in the HiPAAS managed service? Do I need my own hosting environment?

A: HiPAAS is an 'on demand' service and is the only mobile payments offer on the market that is a fully managed service rather than a simple software solution. The offering includes access to the advanced technology which powers a number of easy-to-use m-payment applications as well as a complete suite of consulting and support services required to implement and manage a mobile payments service. This provides the critical efficiency of centralised services to enable low-cost mobile transaction processing without the capital and human resource investment of an in-house operated solution. It requires no investment in additional systems or infrastructure by participating mobile operators, banks and merchants.


Q: Is HiPAAS currently operational?

A: Yes. The platform is up and running and processing m-payments for real customers.


Q: Who manages the hosting environment?

A: Upaid has a close working relationship with IBM for marketing and service delivery of m-payment applications. The technology which powers HiPAAS is hosted and managed in IBM's secure hosting environments.


Q: Who can use HiPAAS? Is it for end-users?

A: Any entity seeking to offer a mobile payment service can use the platform to offer m-payment applications to consumers. This can include mobile operators, financial services organisations (banks, card associations or private label card issuers), merchants and service providers which use the platform to offer m-payment services to other participants. Upaid has no direct relationship with end-users.


Q: What systems do we need to install to access the service?

A: None. HiPAAS is a managed service and operates over secure links for mobile operators, financial services organisations and merchants. Operators and banks simply connect to the platform. This connection is normally via a secure VPN link.

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