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Upaid’s New Service Breaks Down Barriers to GSM Pre-paid Roaming
  20th February 2003
Upaid launches HiROCC, a new service for open-standard GSM pre-paid roaming
  3GSM World Congress, CANNES – February 20, 2003 – Stand F1, Hall 2 – Upaid, a leading provider of a mobile payment authentication and roaming service to mobile operators, banks and merchants, today announced the European launch of a new service at the 3GSM World Congress that will eradicate the existing barriers for GSM pre-paid roaming.

HiROCC (Highly Intelligent Roaming with On-line Call Control) is a service that enables open standard GSM pre-paid roaming to support roaming between any combination of GSM network types, including Service Node, Intelligent Networks, CAMEL 1-enabled IN and CAMEL 2-enabled IN. The service:

* enables mobile operators to provide GSM pre-paid roaming services between networks, regardless of the network type, standard or protocol;

* enables zero-balance call termination through real-time account balance monitoring, allowing call termination as soon as the user’s balance runs out, avoiding build up of unpaid credit and reducing the mobile operators’ exposure to fraud;

* gives operators who have not yet implemented CAMEL more flexibility to offer pre-paid voice roaming services that meet their business needs while supporting the requirements of other GSM operators that have already deployed CAMEL in its various phases;

* can increase mobile operator revenues from visiting pre-paid users from their use of home networks, particularly where USSD call back services are used and no revenue share agreement between operators is in place;

* eliminates the need for pre-paid end-users to key-in special codes for outgoing calls whilst roaming and enables hassle-free top-up of their accounts when abroad;

* enables operators to offer clear, coherent and easy-to-understand roaming schemes to mobile users, therefore making pre-paid roaming as simple and easy for the end-user as post-paid roaming;

“HiROCC is the first service that allows operators to host visiting users’ calls on their existing infrastructure, regardless of the network types being used by both parties. In a market where budgets often do not allow for network upgrades, this service offers an excellent way for mobile operators to offer the full range of roaming services for their subscribers when abroad or away from their home network, without a need for network investment. With HiROCC’s real-time call control functionality, the service can terminate calls, whether made or received, once an end-user has depleted their pre-paid credit – all without the requirement for call back while roaming, allowing greater call control capabilities for home network operators and preventing overspend,” says Ashley Ward, CEO of Upaid.

HiROCC connects operators to a centralised roaming centre and rates calls made or received in a visiting network in real-time. The service has already been deployed in India, enabling pre-paid roaming across multiple domestic GSM networks, using a similar model to international roaming throughout Europe.


About Upaid
Upaid is the first company to offer a service enabling banks, operators and merchants to participate in an open mobile payments and roaming community. The company’s own proprietary technology enables multiple parties to plug into Upaid’s centrally hosted authentication and service delivery centres and offer customers mobile payments and roaming anytime, anywhere. Upaid solves the connectivity problem that banks, operators, merchants and card associations face when seeking to offer wide-scale mobile payment and roaming services to their customers.

Upaid was founded in 1998 as a provider of technology for advanced pre-paid telephony systems. Since then, the company has developed solutions that can be deployed centrally to enable advanced mobile services, including pre-paid roaming, pre-paid top-up from bank accounts using SMS, IVR, Web and WAP, SMS-based bill payments and other mobile payment and roaming services.

Upaid has its headquarters in Paris with operational offices in São Paulo, New Delhi and Hyderabad (India). Upaid™ is a registered trademark of Upaid Systems, Ltd.

For further information, please contact:

Nick Giles or Sam Routley
MS&L;/ for Upaid
+44 (0)20 7878 3151 / 3137
Nick Giles / Sam Routley

Mary Carol Harris
Sales & Corporate Communications
+33 (0)1 58 36 58 58
Mary Carol Harris

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