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Upaid Systems Enables New Type of Prepaid Wireless Roaming
  6th August 2001
The First Convergent Billing Solution Platform
  (PARIS – August 6, 2001) – Upaid Systems, the developers of the patented Upaid payment and settlement management platform, announce the first commercial launch of prepaid wireless roaming services powered by the company’s platform, Upaid. The company’s Joint Venture in India, Xius Technologies, will serve as an ASP (Application Service Provider) enabling BPL, India’s largest mobile communications operator, to offer a new type of prepaid wireless roaming to end-users.

Unlike other prepaid roaming solutions, Upaid rates and controls transactions across multiple networks. Whereas traditional call-back services route an end-user’s outgoing calls back to his home network for call control and rating, Upaid rates prepaid roaming calls on the visitor network in real-time. The software also enables operators to terminate calls once an end-user has depleted his prepaid credit while roaming. Because of the platform’s unique call control, rating and debiting features, home network operators can offer more cost-efficient and user-friendly prepaid roaming services to their prepaid subscribers. Prepaid end-users need not key-in special codes in order to make outgoing calls, can top-up their accounts while roaming, and can benefit from more inexpensive tariffs than those offered through traditional call-back services. The software can be integrated into operators’ existing networks, whether they are service node or IN-enabled networks.

Simon Joyce, Cofounder and Vice Chairman of Upaid Systems, stated, “We are extremely pleased to launch a payment and settlement management platform that eliminates yesterday’s difference between the services offered to prepaid wireless end-users and those offered to postpaid subscribers. The Upaid solution for prepaid roaming enables operators’ prepaid end-users to roam with the ease and simplicity that was once available only to postpaid end-users.”

BPL owns multiple licenses for wireless telephony in India, a country divided into numerous service areas, or “circles,” each of which is a separate, autonomous network. The company will offer seamless prepaid wireless roaming services to end-users in Bombay, Maharashtra State (including Pune and Nagpur), Tamil Nadu State (including Coimbatore and Pondicherry), the State of Goa, and Kerala State (including the cities of Cochin and Trivandrum).

About Upaid

Upaid is a leading-edge communications software pioneer providing state-of-the-art payment, transfer and settlement solutions for advanced roaming and financial transaction processing.

Upaid enables wireless communications carriers, mobile Internet operators and financial & application service providers to offer innovative solutions to end-users for preauthorized communications services such as prepaid voice and data, prepaid roaming, mail and messaging, m-commerce, m-banking, person-to-person cash transfer and micro-payments. Upaid’s turn-key solutions are 2G/2.5G-based, engineered for 3G evolution and give mobile consumers more choice and better value for money.

The company has operations in Europe, India, the Americas and Asia. Upaid™ is a trademark of Upaid Systems, Ltd. For more information, visit www.upaid.net.
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