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Upaid Systems Receives U.S. Patent for Prepaid Roaming, m-Commerce, and Real-time Billing & Settlement Software Solutions
  27th November 2001
  (PARIS – November 27, 2001) – Upaid Systems, a leading provider of software technology for prepaid and real-time authorized payment, transfer and settlement processing solutions to mobile operators, service providers and financial institutions, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Upaid Systems U.S. patent 6,320,947 for its technology invention of “a method and system for providing enhanced communication services.”

“This patent validates Upaid as a true pioneer in the development of real-time payment processing and settlement solutions for both prepaid and real-time authorized mobile customers, which the communications billing industry increasingly recognizes as essential for managing the financial risk of delivering advanced roaming and other value-added mobile services,” commented David Dunn, Chairman of Upaid Systems.

Simon Joyce, Vice Chairman of Upaid Systems, added: “The particular strength of the Upaid patent is its 1998 priority date, long before the necessity for real-time payment and settlement processing of m-Commerce services was recognized in the software billing community. We believe this early priority date, together with the 40 approved claims for real-time authorized communication payments and settlements, provide Upaid’s customers unassailable protection for our product offerings in the marketplace.”

Upaid plans to use its patent to build cross-licensing partnerships with leading suppliers and integrators in the mobile communications industry, while providing the company’s partners and customers the intellectual property insurance that today’s market demands.

According to U.S. patent 6,320,947, issued on November 20, 2001, Upaid has invented “a communication method and system” which enables the simultaneous delivery of communications, commerce and account management services for prepaid and real-time authorized customers over multiple networks and by multiple service providers. The patent protects Upaid’s real-time debiting and data processing of multiple services delivered through any communications device, whether over the Internet or over traditional telephony networks, as well as the ability to manage settlements dynamically according to the revenue splits and data share arrangements that characterize agreements among service providers offering value-added services to different types of customers.

As wireless service providers expand mobile service offerings to end-users, systems that can manage real-time approvals, settlements and credit limits are required to reduce the dramatically increased credit risk service providers face when offering 3rd party services to their customers. Real-time payment and settlement software is increasingly recognized across the telecommunications and Internet industries as a powerful and necessary tool for creating, managing and securing the complex business partnerships that will characterize next generation mobile services.


Mary Carol Harris
VP, Corporate Communications
Upaid Systems, Ltd.
Tel.: +33 (0)1 58 36 58 58
Mary Carol Harris
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