Fast fact:
'90% of people would be willing to pay extra for the convenience of making m-commerce purchases.' - MORI research poll

As part of a service planning and consulting phase, Upaid assists service providers with organising the processes and methods to be used to recruit new m-payment customers.

Not all companies communicate with their customers in the same way, and the means used to market new payment services should reflect this. Whether users submit their details via Internet, through call centres or by signing up in bank branches or shops, signing up for an m-payment service should be as simple and painless as the services themselves. 

The Unified Payment Platform (UPP) requires only minimum data to process payment requests on behalf of participating service providers - the mobile phone number, identity of the operator, payment information and any other information necessary for monthly alerts for bill payment. The platform can generate a password for each user or securely house pre-allocated passwords provided by the service provider.

The data required to process m-payments can be uploaded onto the platform's data base either via a batch process designed to meet participant banks', operators' and merchants' needs or through a real-time, on-line interface. Many of details stored in the platform can appear on the screens in the Customer Care Module, enabling m-payment service providers to consult individual users' profiles in the event of an enquiry or customer care request.

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