Fast fact:
'90% of people would be willing to pay extra for the convenience of making m-commerce purchases.' - MORI research poll

Transactions can be either 'proactive' or 'reactive'. For proactive requests, users compose an SMS message containing a code for the operation requested, a secret password or 'PIN' and the amount desired. For reactive top-ups, users can respond to a low-balance SMS indicating that the user's account value is approaching zero.

For proactive requests, the platform supports a number of messages enabling the application's various features which customers use to send an SMS from a registered mobile number. The platform supports flexibility in the message format:

  • The codes used to indicate the request the user is making and the text of the SMS messages exchanged between the user and the platform.
  • The messages may vary depending on the authentication method chosen.
  • The text of the SMS messages is defined by the service provider and can be customised to communicate key information to the user about the service (eg, customer support number, service specific information, etc).
  • The order of the elements can also vary, depending on the service provider's preference.
  • SMS-based services can be accessed even while roaming using the usual short codes.
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