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'The functionality and flexibility of the Upaid platform means that the service can expand in line with Visa CEMEA's strategic roadmap to enable a range of customer friendly solutions for remote payments.' Hilary Mitchell, VP, New Payment Solutions, Visa International CEMEA, January 2004

The Upaid top-up service is about convenience. It allows users to recharge their prepaid phones or settle their contract accounts from their mobiles, any time, any where - even while roaming abroad. They can also recharge or settle the accounts of up to nine pre-registered family and friends.

The service will work on any SMS capable handset. It will also support interactive interfaces, such as Interactive Voice Response, DTMF, Internet, WAP and USSD.

The top-up service can be flexibly integrated as an in-house installation, or hosted by Upaid.


Prepaid Customers

Contract Customers

Convenience: Pay with a simple SMS message - recharge any time, anywhere.

Connectivity: Never be out of touch because of inconvenient opening hours or location

Value-add: Recharge the phones of family and friends.

Freedom: Pay any time - no need for a special trip to an operator's location or the ATM. No need for cash.

Control: have the same sense of control as cash with the simplicity of direct debit.

Value-add: Recharge the phones of family and friends.


Prepay Recharge

Contract Bill Payment

Convenience: Recharge with a simple SMS message.

Connection: No zero balance blackouts due to inconvenient merchant locations or hours.

Usage: Reduce the tendency to conserve voice calls and increase SMS usage as balances run low.

Convenience: the simplicity of direct debit with the same sense of control as cash.

Cash flow: Shorten timeframes from billing to payment

Hybrid products: Combine the payment features of prepay and subscriber contracts.

                                                               Shared by both
Increase loyalty, reduce churn.

Free sales locations to concentrate on selling.

Cross-sell opportunities with banks.

Cost efficiency through reduced cash handling

Rapid deployment.

Single contract to access multiple banks.

Single, secure interface to multiple banks.

Benefit from international economies of scale.

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