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Fast fact:
'The European prepaid mobile market is worth 35bn Euros in revenues to mobile operators'

Upaid offers a new channel for the electronic bill payment of utilities and other services: the mobile phone. It adds a new payment option: pay by SMS. The customer receives their monthly statement via SMS and can pay with a simple reply. They can opt to pay the full amount or specify a partial amount, if the biller allows that option. Our trusted implementation partner is IBM.


Consumer benefits

Merchant benefits

The easiest way to pay
The convenience of direct debit with the same control of cash

Reduced collection costs
Offer a fully electronic payment channel to customers resisting direct debit

Avoid late fees
Receive and pay bills instantly, anytime, anywhere - even when travelling abroad

Faster payment
Customers more likely to pay earlier as there is no barrier to effecting the payment

Increased loyalty
Customer may be attracted to or resist moving from a merchant due to this new convenient payment method


Customers must register to the service in order to tie their billing account to their mobile number. Registration can be achieved though a variety of mechanisms, such as via the internet, traditional mail or in person. In essence it's the same process as setting up a direct debit mandate.

Once the registration data is captured, it is validated and if accepted the Platform sends a welcome SMS.

Bill Presentment
A summary statement or bill is sent by SMS to the customer.

Bill Payment
To pay, the customer replies to the SMS stating "PAY" and if the merchant allows partial bill payment, it is followed by the amount.

On receiving the request the Platform performs various checks (user authentication, validates the amount etc.) and if successful, sends the request to merchant's back office in real time. The back office confirms the transaction is accepted and a confirmation SMS is sent back. In case of a denial, an explanatory SMS is sent back to the customer.

Customer support and confidence
In addition to the payment "command," a set of SMS commands are available for customers so that they can, for example: request the bill to be resent, request a transaction history or request help information.

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