Fast fact:
'90% of people would be willing to pay extra for the convenience of making m-commerce purchases.' - MORI research poll

Banks, operators and merchants offering m-payment applications to their customers can connect to the platform in a variety of ways. A VPN running IPSec is recommended to ensure the highest security standards and integrity of data exchanged between the platform and the participants to an m-payment initiative.

IPSec helps ensure data privacy with a flexible suite of encryption and tunnelling mechanisms which protect packets as they travel over the network. Users are authenticated through digital certificates or pre-shared keys. Packets that do not conform to the security policy are dropped.

Participants to an m-payments project can arrange for connectivity with Upaid and IBM through AT&T; Global Services or provide for their own connectivity to the platform through a local service provider. Upaid, together with business partners IBM and AT&T;, have chosen Cisco technology to implement a managed (AT&T;) and non-managed solution. The customer can use a local ISP, which offers a fixed IP address. A Cisco VPN-capable router, configured and managed by the bank, operator or merchant, is required. Alternatively, a managed solution whereby the ISP connection and customer edge router are supplied, configured, managed by AT&T; for a guaranteed Quality of Service can also be provided.

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