Fast fact:
'Upaid offers the only global mobile payment solution for credit/debit cards on the market.'

A key element of the customer experience is the fast and efficient resolution of problems before and during service use. The Unified Payment Platform offer includes a Customer Care Module that operators, banks or merchants can use to manage customer care requests.

The module's multiple screens provide a window onto the platform and enable access to detailed information about individual users' account histories. The module can be used to upload the registration files, update customer profiles online and manage customer problems/enquiries. A complete transaction and event history is available on a per-user basis to assist customers with their m-payment transactions. Recommended connectivity to the module is via a secure VPN.

Using the module, Customer Care agents can:

  • Authenticate a user based on the information in a user's profile prior to handling a specific request
  • Access complete and up-to-date event and transaction histories
  • Send a new password or 'PIN' to a subscriber's mobile telephone in the event of a lost, compromised or forgotten password
  • Unblock a user's account

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