Fast fact:
Mobile payments are set to rise to $10 billion in total revenue by 2010, thanks to the entrance of new players offering m-payment schemes and subsequent consumer demand. -Mobile Payments Report Juniper Research 2007-2011

Upaid offers a range of professional services that helps you realise the full potential of your m-payments services solution. Our presales and after-sales teams will work with you at every stage of the project to help you achieve seamless and cost-effective implementation that ensures rapid time-to-market of quality m-payment services. Our professional services suite covers all parts of your project, from initial consulting through to on-site customer training.

The secret to the deployment of successful and profitable m-payment services lies in careful and comprehensive project planning. We will analyse the business processes relevant to your project and provide you with detailed planning of how to bring it to term. 

A critical part of the consulting phase is the technical scoping that is a prerequisite for any successful project. We will perform a detailed evaluation of the technical requirements particular to your project.

Project Management
You will be assigned an experienced manager for the duration of the project; a single point of contact at Upaid to guarantee streamed and focused communications. Your project manager is dedicated to your project alone to ensure maximum reactivity and the fastest possible time-to-market. With you they will help you define your goals and prioritise objectives to ensure that these are attained, completely and on time. 

Technical Support
Technical Support services are provided for all projects. We will help you identify any post-implementation issues and quickly resolve them with you. Technical support is available during office hours and can be readily accessed by telephone and email. Additional support services are also available upon request and are defined with you for tailoring to your particular needs. 

For your m-payments services project to prove a success you may need to provide a certain level of front-line support to your own customers and end-users. We will provide you with on-site training in all aspects of the customer care interface module, from registering new customers for your services to dealing with customer queries and customer care troubleshooting.

For further information on Upaid Professional Services please email: [email protected]

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