Licensing and Enforcement

Upaid is an innovation company patenting and licensing the intellectual property it has developed
in-house.  A necessary aspect of our business is enforcement. We do not shy from that. There are companies who do not pay for what they take, even if they have no right to it.

Mobile commerce is not a game -- it is a growing, multi hundreds of billions of dollars business. Similarly, Upaid isn’t in a game of trying to levy a patent tax. We’re not into games. Rather, we are searching for synergies with partners for whom our platform extends functionality of their own businesses. For these partners, Upaid provides value and indeed protection against unfair competitors. Patent exclusivity is just that: excluding those who do not own or lease the property rights.

Flowing on from the delays and costs we suffered at the hands of the now jailed masterminds of what many call India’s Enron, Upaid evolved and matured. There is nothing unique about our business model. There are lots of bigger, far better known names in the licensing and enforcement business. We learned the hard way that these business people were right to leave manufacturing and sales to others. 

Significant investors in Upaid include The Zeist Foundation Inc., Kenneth Langone and Stanley Shopkorn, credited by NY Times' financial journalist Floyd Norris with doing "an extraordinary thing" in turning around the 1987 stock market crash."

Upaid intends to live up to its owners’ integrity, courage, and success.

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